The Fitzroy Art Collective

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The Fitzroy Art Collective‘s (TFAC) mission is to revolutionise the Art culture and community in Fitzroy.

We envision a community where:

  • the Artist is valued as much as the Art
  • Art is an integral part of the culture
  • respectful, reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships are the norm
  • a sense of meaning and belonging is continuously cultivated

We value:

  • individualised freedom of expression
  • compassionate and respectful interactions
  • authentic connections within a growth-oriented community
  • meaningful and life-affirming growth
  • the unique individual
  • humour and play

The Practical Part:

  • artists receive 80% of their sales
  • artist’s work is highly accessible to the general public – we display visual art in non-traditional spaces such as bars, cafes and corporate settings
  • we hold visual art exhibitions on a regular basis including opening nights and permanent displays
  • we market artists’ work on TFAC’s Instagram (with approx. 7,000 real followers) and Facebook page
  • we host numerous events at our factory/gallery space in the heart of Fitzroy

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The creators process with Brett Sixtysix Nicola Amerena and Jayden Byrne