Life Modelling Workshop

Have you ever wondered who the model was behind Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, or Michaelangelo’s ‘David’? Or have you ever pondered what it would feel like to be immortalised in a work of art?
If this has sparked your curiosity, perhaps life modelling is your calling.
The Fitzroy Art Collective are facilitating a monthly three hour workshop that teaches you the theoretical and practical aspects of Life Modelling.
The course covers:

  • The Business of Life Modelling
  • Working Conditions & Safety
  • Preparing your Mind & Body
  • How to create Dynamic Poses
  • The Collaboration between Artist & Model
    Facilitated by Brett Sixtysix & Tijana Dautovic.

    Life modelling is a profession that artists both classical and modern can not do without. It is not only exciting, it will also boost your self-confidence and open you up to a whole new world of creativity.
    • Tijana has worked in the industry for over six years and has created a viable and sustainable business with national and international clients that include universities, art societies and private clients. Her dynamic poses and professional approach has created a strong reputation in her field.
    • Brett Sixtysix is an artist, photographer, film maker, musician and the founder/director of The Fitzroy Art Collective, an artist’s collective and gallery. Bretts art and photography has won numerous awards and acclaim both locally and internationally. He runs 2 weekly life drawing classes as well as having taught numerous art classes.
    • Tijana and Brett will show you the How and What so you too can become a successful life model.

      Tickets available here!
      Questions? contact Brett at artofbrettsixtysix@hotmailcom

”The first time I posed for life modelling was before I went through a procedure which would alter the shape of my body.

When I started posing I noticed that the insecurities I had about my figure were not there and I felt extremely comfortable. It was exciting to see how each artist captured me in their style. The experience was eye opening to how I viewed myself and I walked away feeling very liberated with a new found appreciation for my body”.

I would recommend it to anyone.


Life Modelling Workshop

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