Pretty Pennies

The Bendigo Bank Art Show

28 Feb to 26 March 2020

282 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3053

Opening night.
Playing Small
Ink and Gouache on Paper
6” x 8” (11” x 13” with frame) $200

‘Playing Small’ was inspired by a poem called “Let Your Light Shine,” by Marianne
Williamson, which hung on the bathroom door of a share house I lived in many years
ago. In it she says “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us,
your playing small does not serve the world, as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” As an introvert
I feel as if I have been hiding all my life, but resistance is futile eventually the light finds
a way to break through. Art is my way, I hope this helps others too.
Melbourne based artist Ann Marie Duane is a native of Ireland. Her work is influenced by
her love of nature, changing surroundings and a playful curiosity for life. Her style of art is
primarily monochrome, abstract, graphic, line drawings executed with meticulous attention
to detail. Having studied graphic design and art therapy she now works as a
designer/illustrator and continues to hone and develop her craft as an artist.
The Queen
Acrylic on canvas 152 x 30cm
Roydan Barboza

CaptainBarboza is a multi disciplinary artist working through
digital and traditional mediums.
His practice started in Dubai as a self taught muralist around 4 years ago & he is now completing his UGD at RMIT in fine arts (painting)
This is “Burn”
Acrylic on canvas, 38×44 inch
Catherine Mina
Price – $400

My name is Catherine, I’m a painter and street artist from Melbourne. With an Egyptian background yet having grown up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, I have a multitude of influences from a mixed cultural upbringing on my art. I wish to express different worlds and universes through my art, and open viewers’ eyes to the unseen in life.
Lino print
Artwork 40cm x 38 Framed work size TBC

Tonia Composto is a Melbourne illustrator and graphic designer, whose work ranges from magazine editorials, packaging to street art.
She combines reality with a quirky point of view to bring her audience closer to the situations and environments she creates.
She loves working in the digital application, Illustrator, but also adores the traditional methods of drawing, painting and printmaking.
She illustrates for events and festivals, advertising, packaging, education, publishing, lifestyle and branding.
She lives in Thornbury, Melbourne, with husband Mat, daughters Nina & Paloma, their dog Eddie and three chooks.
Katernia by Nadio Cao
Acrylic Gouache on water colour paper
“ My works often explore the relationship between the macabre and the sweet or cute. I love playing with the boundaries of the two contrasting aesthetics, finding the balance or falling far on one side. I come from a design background so my approaches to painting play with colour and composition to draw the viewers eyes to one spot or another, toying with ideas of what is digestible and pleasing.”
Rose Wintergreen
Acrylic on canvas 121.9cm x 121.9cm
Price$ $2,200

I grew up being told that creating is self-indulgent, and that choosing a creative life would destine me to financial ruin and misery. For years, I relinquished all my life choices to fear and anxiety, choosing “safe” things like working as a statistician in a grey office. I fought the melodies and imagery that yearned to be born through me. I learned the hard way that these “safe” choices were actually toxic, making me unwell and denying the juiciest parts of life: connection to myself and others.
I make art and music as a daily act of rebellion against my inner critic and fear, building a relationship of trust with the unknown, and letting the creative muse use my body as its
I painted “Unstoppable” whilst listening to music and dancing, feeling like I could do anything, and imagining how my life will be when I learn how to live it from this place every day.
Overload Disconnect…
by TomboyBill
Acyrlic, chinagraph Pencil on paper/board
65 x 91 cm

I grew up in a small town in rural Victoria.
With a love of all things boyish i earned the nickname ‘Billy the Kid’
from my Father, now signing all my artwork as Tomboybill.
My work explores life, after taking a leap of faith from the comfortable life of a commercial artist -20+ years as an illustrator?graphic designer – to the uneasy, introspective life of a fine artist. I work mostly with paint.

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