The Introvert Project and The Fitzroy Art Collective presents Master Hewey for an Introduction to Yu-Ling (The Positive Living Exercise). Last year, his documentary ‘Yu-Ling: The Positive Living Exercise’ was released to share his story of how he established Yu-Ling from a sudden awakening that came during his suicide attempt in 1999.

The Yu-Ling method is more than a simple exercise; it is a combination of long-established health-giving practices developed in the Far East many centuries ago. The Yu-Ling method blends and adopts the well-established and proven ancient meditative and spiritual exercise methods including Tai-Chi, Meditation and Qi-Kung.

Master Hewey has a deep understanding of the practices, methods and philosophies of Tai-Chi, Meditation and Qi-Kung and has taken the best and key parts of these practices and blended them with his unique and innovative method known as Yu-Ling.

At this talk, Master Hewey will be introducing what Yu-Ling is and how it came to be. Join us for an inspiring talk of spiritual wisdom, and personal transformation.

Discover how to live a more positive life
Learn an innovative form of meditation that is easy to practise and incorporate into you daily life
Explore ancient Chinese philosophy including the teachings of the
I Ching, Confucius and Lao Tze
Learn the principles of Qi-Kung, Tai Chi and meditation from a modern spiritual master.

Founder and Teacher of Yu-Ling
Master Hewey founded and developed Yu-Ling in 1999. Yu-Ling is a simple daily practice to balance the mind and body. It combines the teachings of Tai Chi, Qi-Kung and meditation. He became a Reiki master in 2003, and became a Community Creators Fellow with the School For Social Entrepreneurs in 2011. In 2018, he was featured in a documentary at The Introvert Project to share his story of transformation and the mission of Yu-Ling.

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